Turn a Craft Activity into Language Skill Building!

child made book.jpg

Looking for a fun activity to do with your child? Why not make it fun and build language skills at the same time!

Have your child cut out pictures that he/she enjoys from a magazine, advertisement, whatever. Create a “book” by folding printer paper in half (by stapling along the fold the book will hold together). Then have your child glue on the pictures, add drawings, or add any other objects to his/her book. Then have your child tell you the story. Ask questions, get into it, and so will your child. Not only have you spent a fun hour or so, but your child has completed a multi-step project, sequenced a story, used vocabulary he/she may not have the opportunity to use in everyday life, and the list goes on…

This activity is also great because you can do it many times and your child will not get bored because the creation is different each time! (Even those kiddos who are at first hesitant to participate will generally enjoy it with encouragement and success after creating their first book.)