CranioSacral Therapy Intensives

CranioSacral Therapy Intensives

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What are CranioSacral Therapy intensives?

CranioSacral Therapy intensives are a concentrated amount of CranioSacral Therapy generally completed over one or more weeks. Sessions can be scheduled in a variety of ways: a few hours per day over the course of a week (or multiple weeks), or several sessions over a few days. These intensive sessions are a powerful way to quickly make changes.


What can a CranioSacral Therapy intensive help? 

These intensives can be very beneficial to promote health for those with chronic conditions, be a way to achieve new milestones for those with special needs, or be a healing “therapy retreat”. 

CranioSacral Therapy intensives are helpful for individuals with various diagnoses, including, but not limited to, those who are suffering with chronic pain, neurological conditions, post-concussion syndrome, brain injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, TMJ dysfunction, learning disabilities, and many more. 


Additional Information 

Integrated Therapies, LLC offers a discounted per session pricing for CranioSacral Therapy intensives. To receive “intensive therapy” pricing, a minimum of 12 sessions per week are required. Typically, no more than 20 hours are recommended in one week.  

Please contact Integrated Therapies, LLC with questions or for more information at (602) 763-0915.