The Reality of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury.jpg

When someone says they have a traumatic brain injury (TBI), most people automatically think of a car crash or some other violent event as being the cause. While it’s true that motor vehicle accidents are one of the ways that a traumatic brain injury can occur, it is not the number one cause. So what tops the list of causes of traumatic brain injuries? FALLS. Between 2006-2010, 40.5% of all traumatic brain injuries in the U.S were caused by a fall. Why is this important? People will sometimes ignore these “minor” injuries, thinking that falling and hitting their head is “no big deal”.

Unfortunately, not all of the individuals who experience a traumatic brain injury will seek therapy to regain lost skills as a result of the damage to their brain tissue. Some of these individuals will not even realize they have lost abilities. The sooner an individual with a traumatic brain injury gets therapy to address lost skills the better. If you or someone you know has had a traumatic brain injury, please seek an evaluation from a Speech Language Pathologist to determine if you would benefit from therapy. Speech Language Pathologists can help with talking, understanding, memory, attending to a task, problem solving, etc. after a traumatic brain injury.

So no matter the cause, if you have had an injury to your head/brain and have had difficulty doing the things that you were able to do before, please seek help! Do you have questions or want to schedule an appointment? Call Integrated Therapies at (602) 763-0915.