Building Vocabulary with Descriptive Words!

building vocabulary- descriptive words.jpg

Do you feel like your child tends to communicate by using a limited variety of words? Are you looking for ways to expand his/her vocabulary? I find that children sometimes get stuck in a noun and verb rut. “I want my milk.” “Let’s jump.” “I want to pet the doggie.”


Adjectives- our describing words can be a great way to expand a child’s vocabulary. (Understanding and the use of these words are also very important when reading or writing.) Think about all the ways you can describe something:

-       what color is it

-       what shape is it

-       what size is it

-       where do you typically see it

-       does it make a sound

-       how many are there

-       does it move, if so how does it move

-       how does it smell

-       what does it do

-       how does it feel

-       and many more….


Use a variety of these descriptive words while you are playing with your children or reading to them. For instance, while at the park and playing in the sand…

-       sand is brown (tan- depending on age)

-       small/tiny pieces

-       you can see it at the park or the beach

-       there are billions of pieces of sand

-       it smells like dirt

-       you can make things with it, like sandcastles

-       etc..

(Vary the words based on your child’s age and the experiences they have had.  For instance, if he/she has never been to a beach, I would skip this description.)


Each day presents many opportunities to add to your child’s vocabulary by vividly describing what you are seeing or doing together, whether it is a visit to the zoo, going for a walk, playing with play-doh, or shopping for groceries.


Come back next week for my next blog on vocabulary development milestones!


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