Vocabulary Development Milestones

Developmental Language Milestones

Vocabulary Development Milestones

If you are concerned about your child’s vocabulary development, here are some milestones by age:

12 months: 1-2 words

18 months: 50 words (starting to put 2 words together)

24 months: 200-300 words (2-3 word phrases)

36 months: 500+ words (able to form basic sentences- starting to use describing words independently)

48 months: 800-1500 words (using more adult like sentences)

60 months: 1500-2000 words (using fairly complex sentences)

If your child is not meeting his/her language milestones call Integrated Therapies at (602) 763-0915 with any questions or to schedule and appointment. The earlier therapy is started, the better the outcome! I can assist you in building your child’s vocabulary and language skills. These skills are so important for communication and success in school. Lets work together to help your child succeed!